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What are the taxes I need to pay as a startup?
Is it true that even if I am not yet making profit I need to file taxes?
Is business permit different from annual income tax?
Am I required to issue official receipts (ORs) even if my customers do not ask for it?
If I have not yet started my operations, am I already required to pay taxes?
Do I need to hire a full-time accountant to handle my BIR compliance or external auditor?
Will I use the same Tax Identification Number (TIN) if I decide to open another business?
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Client–Centered and Value–Driven Services

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End-To-End Consulting
Our flagship business solution
focused on providing comprehensive consulting services directly to the management and business owners using our “five (5)step end-to-end framework” and is aimed to contribute to achieving business goals
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Strategic Outsourcing
Our back-office business solution
provides wide-range of outsourcing services that is aimed to absorb Accounting and Finance functions, including Tax, Payroll, and Audit to support the management in executing strategies and achieve cost efficiency
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Other Specialized
Specialized services support business or investment endeavor from start to finish - focused on providing value and convenience
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